Randy Moss Supports Colin Kaepernick But Doesn’t Want Him To Protest This Weekend

Everyone expects Colin Kaepernick to continue his protest of the national anthem before the San Francisco 49ers’ season-opener on Monday. He is going to sit down during the national anthem, the song will end, and then a football game will happen. People will discuss Kaepernick’s decision to sit down, and odds are most people won’t realize that by doing this, they are doing exactly what Kaepernick wants: having a discussion about race in the United States.

The crew on Sunday NFL Countdown had a discussion about Kaepernick’s decision to kneel, and unlike most talking heads who have weighed in on the situation, Randy Moss got to speak from the perspective of a person who knows the Niners’ polarizing quarterback. Moss talked about being teammates with Kaepernick in San Francisco before giving his thoughts on the protest.

“One thing that I will say: I am standing behind Colin Kaepernick,” Moss said. “I think right now may be a bad time to do it because of the 9/11 anniversary.”

Moss did, however, make it a point to praise Kaepernick for doing this protest respectfully, both by kneeling during the anthem and by donating all of the money from things like jersey sales to charity. Additionally, Moss credited Kaepernick for making this conversation raise awareness for the phrase “justice for all.”