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The worlds of hardcore NBA fans and Renaissance Faire enthusiasts collided on Monday night, when Magic forward Rashard Lewis spent an evening at Medieval Times with his family, sparking a scuffle among teenagers who wanted face time with the one-time All-Star.

Lewis said he and his family were at the show when some kids believed to be teenagers asked for his autograph. [It was also possible they were 12, or maybe 20 years old – Ed.]  When more people crowded around to seek a Lewis autograph, there was some pushing and shoving. A fight eventually broke out, according to Lewis…

"I guess they were all frustrated, wanting an autograph," Rashard Lewis said. "It was crazy. They were fighting, going at each other. We just got out of there."

Typical.  Man, I am so tired of these NBA players always getting into trouble because they won't let go of the old 'hood.  Just what the hell was he doing out at the Medieval Times in Kissimmee after dark?  David Stern's gonna have a helluva time trying to spin this one.

[Story via TrueHoop bullets; thanks to quicklime expert whowillsexmutombo?

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