Ray Allen’s Florida Home Was Broken Into By A Group Of Curious Teenagers

08.15.14 4 years ago 7 Comments
Ray Allen

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Kids, gather ’round, let me tell you about the time a group of stupid teenagers broke into Ray Allen’s Florida residence because they believed “he wasn’t home.” The teenagers wandered over from a party nearby because they were curious about how Ray Allen lived. Curious millenials are curiously stupid, or so the saying goes.

Allen was not home when the break-in occurred but his wife and children were. Upon hearing noise downstairs, Allen’s wife, Shannon, screamed out “what are you doing in my home?” That’s when the curious teens bolted. Thankfully, nothing was taken from the home.

After a call to police and some investigative work, officers located the group of teenagers.

The young men told police they thought the Allens had moved. Allen, who recently became a free agent, has not yet announced where he will play next season.

Police questioned the men for several hours before releasing them about noon Thursday.

They thought Ray Allen wasn’t there, ok you guys? They’re sticking with that whole curious millenials thing, leave them alone.

According to Coral Gables police, the Allens will press misdemeanor charges against the teens for trespassing.

Ray Allen intends on playing this NBA season, but for right now, he remains a free agent. The Cleveland Cavaliers (who else?) have shown interest in signing him.

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