Real Stupid Madrid

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.21.11 3 Comments

What would happen to the New York Mets if they won a World Series in 2011? They’d accidentally drop the World Series trophy during their ticker tape parade, and probably drive over it in a double decker bus. At least, that’s what The Dugout about the Mets winning the World Series would be. So imagine my surprise when I saw Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid do that exact thing with the Copa del Rey, their first major trophy in three years.

How does this even happen? Maybe the bus driver was a fan of Barcelona. Maybe God wanted to prove that he exists by pointing out the hubris of man. Either way, that’s got to be a difficult thing to get over when it’s time to renew your contract. “Oh, yeah, that’s right, you’re the guy who dropped our trophy and got it ran over by a bus. No, wait, a DOUBLE BUS.”

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