Red Sox Scalpers Suffering? That’s The Sound Of The World’s Most Overpriced Violin

08.17.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

The Boston Red Sox are five and a half games out of first place, and with the Tampa Bay Rays making a charge for the AL wild card, it seems all but obvious that the Sawks will miss the playoffs. And their fairweather fanbase has responded in kind–they’ve stopped going to the games. One of the groups feeling the loss is ticket scalpers, who have all those extra tickets that they can’t sell. Poor widdle babies…

Rich claims he made about $100,000 in his first year re-selling tickets to NASCAR events and Sox games. This year, though, he says he’ll be lucky to bring in one-third of that.

A fellow re-seller overhears Rich’s claim. “[Down] 70 percent? It’s way worse than that,’’ said the man.

The other scalper is silver-haired with a belly and a limp. He’s wearing a Red Sox jersey and isn’t interested in saying much more. “Things are bad enough already,’’ he says. –Boston Globe.

How bad are they? Oh, just dreadfully bad…

Rich wistfully talks about the pre-championship Red Sox and laments the way things are now. Back then, a $50 ticket went for $200, easy, he says. Now there are days where he struggles to get 50 percent above face value.

Poor bastard can barely break more than half of doubling his money! My heart bleeds for him. Seriously, there are times when ticket scalpers are great to have around, but they’re just whores. It’s sad to know that people aren’t willing to pay double the face value of a ticket that they probably couldn’t afford anyway. And by “sad,” I mean “reassuring.” Good job, Boston. via.

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