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NHL – The Red Wings captured their fourth Stanley Cup in 11 seasons and blah blah blah, pardon me while I engage in a mild inward seethe now that the Penguins team I'm a pretty fairweather fan of has been thoroughly outclassed in the series' deciding Game 6. Pittsburgh played lackadaisical hockey most of last night, helped no doubt by a pretty dominating performance by the Wings. Nice of Evgeni Malkin to finally get on the board. After dragging ass for about 58 minutes, the Pens tried the last-minute surge that served them so well in Game 5, getting a goal from Marian Hossa in the final minutes to narrow the Detroit lead to one, then having a decent chance to tie at the buzzer. Didn't help matters that they were limited to one shot through the final period leading up to that point. That and Marc-Andre Fleury pushing in the deciding goal by Henrik Zetterberg. Guh. Lots of firsts for Americans to be apathetic about: Niklas Lindstrom becomes to first European born and trained player to captain a Stanley Cup champ. And Dan Cleary becomes the first player from Newfoundland ever to win a Stanley Cup. Well, naturally, they just discovered the place! [Bah-do chieeee!]

MLB – Lots of Coco Crisp-related drama during the Red Sox 5-1 win over the Rays to recapture 1st place in the AL East. He slid late in second! But it was in retailation for the second baseman keeping his knee down on a steal attempt! Better to settle it the traditional way and let pitchers throw at a batter's head the next inning…

French OpenStill going on, apparently. Wake me when the sexy girls play.  

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