Red Wings Fans Cared A Lot More About This Adorable Laughing Child Than The Hockey Game They Were At

No child has ever enjoyed more adulation at a sporting event than the child that appeared on the scoreboard during a Ducks-Red Wings on Saturday. There are only three possible explanations for this: 1) Every fan at Joe Louis Arena was told to cheer this kid, so they did. 2) The cheering and booing are fake (Fake News, sheeple!) and inserted using some fancy technology. 3) Everyone just got on board with the cheer-boo gag and it was great.

I’m cynical, but it’s option 3. I’m just worried about this kid’s future. Is he going to always have a sense of disappointment when he goes to sporting events? Yeah, he lives in Detroit, so he will probably have that on some level, but is he going to be sad if he never gets cheered like this again? I would. The best part of the video is when the kid musters up the courage to point at the camera while he’s on the scoreboard. What a legend.

Since this is the NHL, you know the Red Wings will beat this into the ground over the rest of the season. They’ll find another cute kid and do the same gag. Sports fans being what they are, they will eventually turn on one of the kids and boo him or her to death, resulting in horrific trauma and fear of public places for the rest of their lives. There will be years of therapy required just to make the child feel safe among strangers.

Wow, can’t believe the Red Wings did this. They should feel horrible.

Sorry. Here in reality, not only did the boy earn the loudest cheers, but he was named First Star of the game.

Red Wings GM Ken Holland immediately signed him to an eight-year, $68 million deal.

(Brad Galli on Twitter)