Reggie Bush Broke His Leg Out Of Respect To Those Who Came Before Him

09.21.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

You might have heard that the Saints’ win against the 49ers last night came at the expense of Reggie Bush, who broke his leg on a muffed punt return. I usually think of “muffed” as meaning something not related to sports, but be that as it may: Bush suffered a broken fibula that is expected to keep him away from catching screen passes and out routes for six weeks.

“Last second it kind of shifted a little bit, just enough for me to drop it,” he said. “I tried to recover it and somebody took my leg out. I don’t know who it was, what happened or how it happened. I just know my leg got taken out. That’s it.

“It hurt like hell,” Bush said. “When I got back up and tried to walk on it, it felt terrible.” –Y! Sports.

Broken legs are like that. Someone on the KSK live blog last night–I apologize for forgetting whom–made the joke that Bush limping off the field was “not an admission to injury.” Oh, it’s so humorous when people break bones, particularly upper arm bones. And then there was this guy, whose injuries could generously be described as “season-ending.” I’ll take the broken leg, please.

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