Reggie Bush Hates Kelly Ripa

Reggie Bush announced the other day that his goal for the 2012 season is to prove that he can build off of his first ever 1,000-yard rushing season and lead the NFL in rushing yards, which is sure to make more than a few people chuckle. But you have to admire the guy’s ambition, as he previously showed that all he was good for is a few dozen Kim Kardashian rumors each year. For the time being, though, he’s also prepping himself for a career in broadcasting when he hangs up his jersey, as he’s pulling co-hosting duties on Live With Kelly! today for the second time.

Bush originally hosted back in January as part of an all-sports week on Kelly Ripa’s daytime talk show and his stint was a complete success. To show his gratitude, Bush arrived at the ABC studios today with a special gift for the spunky former cohort of Regis Philbin. I suppose you can call it a gift. Or maybe you can call it a terrible jinx. Either way, Ripa is now the proud owner of her very own Miami Dolphins jersey. Responded owner Stephen Ross, “Hey Kelly, you know for a few million bucks you can become a part owner, too, right?”

If she’d like, Ripa can also have my Brandon Marshall jersey.

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