Reggie Bush Is Reportedly Suing St. Louis Over The ACL Tear He Suffered

reggie bush
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If you’ve watched enough personal injury lawyer ads in your lifetime (or seen Better Call Saul), then your first thought when Reggie Bush tore his knee up on the inexplicable concrete ring surrounding the field at Edward Jones Stadium was that’s gotta be a lawsuit. And, according to TMZ Sports, it looks like it very much could be.

Bush allegedly plans to file a claim against the city of St. Louis, which owns the stadium, for not addressing the safety hazard of the concrete ring, even though it had proven to be dangerous just a week before, when Josh McCown was unable to stop himself on the concrete before he ran full-bore into a wall that separated his shoulder:

See his feet slide right before impact? That’s a feeling that everyone who’s walked in cleats on concrete knows. You’re standing on five-to-10 very short stilts per foot with no ground to dig into. It’s dangerous. It should go without saying, and it’s frankly shocking this doesn’t happen more often, but even after McCown’s spill, the Rams didn’t bother to address the issue. So then Bush tore his ACL:

He was on a one-year deal and struggling for playing time at age 30. He would have had a challenge to make it on an NFL roster in 2016. And now he has to do it while rehabbing a serious knee injury. It’s fair to say that Bush has a legitimate complaint about the city of St. Louis robbing him of possible future earnings.

(Via TMZ Sports)