Regina George is Flawless

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.10.11 3 Comments

In the cutest moment to happen since Kate Upton taught us how to Dougie, a roving cameraman put The Notebook‘s Rachel McAdams up on the JumBoTron during game four of the Stanley Cup Finals and she got super excited about it.

These days it’s hard for celebrities to curry public favor, and every few months there’s a new sex tape scandal or an US Magazine cover about how they’re pregnant-but-not-really trying to keep somebody in the public eye, but you know what? Something human and cute like this goes a long way. It’s nice to see someone enjoying themselves, and to know that being up on a big screen for most of your adult life hasn’t taken away the novelty.

At least I hope it hasn’t. I hate to be that guy, but the lack of sound and the peaceful arrangement of fans around her make this look a little fishy. Look at those people in front of her, they look like they should be on the wall over the concession stands at Progressive Field.

[via EW]

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