NHL Flashback: Jeremy Piven Reflects On Growing Up As A Chicago Blackhawks Fan

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05.30.13 6 Comments

Actor and living miracle of hair growth Jeremy Piven has always reportedly been a Chicago sports fan, as John Cusack’s longtime sidekick was born in New York but raised in Evanston, Illinois. Naturally, even the strongest hometown bonds can’t beat out a celebrity’s natural inclination to ride the sports bandwagon, as evidenced by Piven cheering on the Yankees in the World Series, r-fan-jeremy-piven-luke-walton-26558210.jpg” target=”_blank”>fist-bumping the Lakers at courtside, or accepting a personalized Calgary Flames jersey. But while some diehard lunatic fans see it as an affront, it’s all just a matter of a guy building, promoting and preserving his brand.

That’s why this post actually serves two purposes: 1) Chicago Blackhawks fans can celebrate their team’s incredible 2-1 Game 7 OT victory over the Detroit Red Wings last night by watching Piven’s 1998 Blackhawks commercial, in which he remembers how his father taught him to yell, “Detroit Sucks!”; and 2) Red Wings fans can take out their sorrows and frustrations over their team blowing a 3-1 series lead against the Blackhawks by calling Piven a bandwagon D-bag who once wore a denim jacket to a game while sitting behind the glass.

We’re all about being fair and balanced.

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