Report: These Women Are F**king Amazing At Volleyball

01.11.12 8 years ago


What you’re watching is either a volleyball match between Chinese Women Volleyball TianJin and Army or one of those Powerade commercials where they CGI the ball to make it look like Michael Vick is throwing a football out of a stadium.

This video comes to us from Reddit by way of With Leather editor emeritus Matt Ufford, who labeled his e-mail to me “holy sh*t!” and suggested moving your cursor away from the video playbar so you don’t know when the play is going to end. It’s awesome, and a great contrast to my personal volleyball memories, which are me in gym class standing still while the ball drops in front of me and then suddenly figuring out I was supposed to hit it.

Burnsy’s reaction was almost as good as the video itself:

Was that the dad from Hangover 2 not caring for their ability to win immediately?

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