Julian Edelman Had No Idea How Hard He Got Pranked By Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan used to be one of the buzziest coaches in the NFL. Guiding the New York Jets to back-to-back conference championship games with only Mark Sanchez at quarterback, Ryan was the architect of some of the best defenses of the past decade in the NFL, and he was brash, loudmouthed, and unfiltered — a glorious counterpoint to surly Bill Belichick, a distinction he delighted in highlighting.

Well, Ryan isn’t as well-regarded as he used to be, presiding over the latest iteration of Bills’ mediocrity, and his media antics have worn thin on many as braggadocio without substance to back it up (and endorsing Trump didn’t help anything). But dammit if he still isn’t the most interesting coach in the NFL, if only because that is such a low bar to clear.

Here’s Rex jumping in on a Buffalo reporters’ conference call with Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman to ask if he’ll be playing quarterback this Sunday, with a fake name and everything. It’s pretty great, and he completely pulls one over on Edelman, who definitely seems confused when people start laughing in the background. This would be so much funnier if the Bills could then go out and beat the Patriots on Sunday, but that might be too much to hope for.