Rex Ryan Never Talks to People Outside of Sports

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05.04.11 3 Comments

So, it was pretty sad to see New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan, a guy with a reputation for being a boisterous loudmouth, “EHH HYAH HA HA” and dead smile his way through an interview on “The Colbert Report.” He couldn’t handle the joke questions and didn’t seem to know how to answer the real ones, responding to “what’s the difference in a player who plays like he means it and one who doesn’t” by covering his face and saying “a player who loses, heh, we don’t want ’em!” BANTER~!

You can check out the video below, if you can make it through six minutes of a comedy sports interview without either guy wearing a wacky sailor suit. You can tell he had no idea who Colbert was before he sat down. Like, he went to his PR guy and was all, “Colbert Report? That anything like Mike & Mike in the Morning?” and his PR guy was all, “yeah sort of, except he’s trying to be funny.”

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You know he didn’t write that book. I’d be surprised if he knew he was on to promote a book with his name on it.

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