Rickie Fowler Had Some Fun With His Colorful Clothes In A New SportsCenter Ad

Say what you want about ESPN – that the Worldwide Leader has become the sports journalism equivalent of Fox News or MSNBC, the network holds a pathetic grudge against the NHL for not cowtowing and pretending that the coverage is bigger than the sport, it pays more money to sensationalist hacks like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith than it does to actual journalists who report actual news because it’s cheaper to troll the American public under the guise of debate than it is to bring people a balanced and unbiased sports news cycle, or it refuses to source other competing media reporters who work hard to report accurate stories by name and instead lets Chris Broussard and others hide behind “Sources” or “Reports” – but that network sure does make an entertaining commercial.

In the latest “This is SportsCenter” spot, golfer Rickie Fowler pokes fun at his own bright duds by pretending that he’s color blind. Man, that’s some quality goofing right there.