FSU Kicker Ricky Aguayo May Have Killed A Turtle After An On Camera Fight With Some Frat Boys

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Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo says he was jumped by some frat boys after he missed two kicks for the Seminoles last year. But a new video and a subsequent story about a turtle that both came out on Wednesday draws a much weirder picture for Aguayo and the now-shuttered Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, which closed last month after the death of a 20-year-old pledge.

TMZ released footage of a fight between Aguayo and some other Florida State students on Wednesday that paints a very different picture than what the placekicker claimed earlier in the week. While it’s unclear whether he started the fight or not, the context clues presented in the video appear to indicate that it was, at best, a mutual endeavor.

Footage shows someone cheering Aguayo on during the battle, which involved multiple people at other times. It’s tough to follow exactly what’s happening here, but the heckling at the end indicates that he was initially the one looking for trouble. The video also also references Aguayo’s brother, Robert, who was a kicker at Florida State and was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

TMZ has a pretty good description of the fight and how it evolved, including the trash talk at the end of the fight.

It all went down on Dec. 2 2016 — you can see Ricky square up to fight a Pi Kappa Phi frat bro in a Santa hat … while a spectator roots him on, “Hey Aguayo, f*ck him up bro!”

The two proceed to trade blows in front of the frat house — each landing some decent shots. At one point, one of the spectator frat bros throws a cheap shot at Aguayo … but the brawl continues.

After Aguayo lost his shoe in the fight, one of the frat bros starts to heckle him saying, “You wanna do shit on our campus when you’re a fucking kicker?!”

“Your brother never did this sh*t … that’s why i respected your brother … not you, you little bitch.”

Oddly, some people are wearing elf hats in the video and holiday lights can be seen on homes in the background. It’s a very festive setting for what’s essentially a street fight, filled with cursing and other various yelling as not much of consequence is accomplished. But Aguayo’s beef with the frat does not appear to end there.

Two months later, Aguayo was a suspect in the death of the fraternity’s pet turtle, Turntle. Though he ultimately was not charged because no one saw how the turtle was killed, the incident itself and its description makes you wonder exactly what the hell is going on at Florida State these days.

Fraternity member Daniel Furmanski, who was awoken by loud “celebratory chants coming from the living room,” spotted one of the football players holding the house pet turtle, named “Turntle.”

Its shell was ripped from its body, according to the police report, and it appeared dead.

The fraternity brother told police it was unclear who killed the turtle. He never confronted the football players nor asked them to leave. Fraternity members told police they did not know Aguayo or Izzo personally and had no issues with the football players.

Well, all of that is sufficiently horrifying. Anyway, Aguayo is still Florida State’s kicker. He’s also an NFL Draft prospect, if you believe in drafting kickers.