Rio Safety Concerns Still Alive After A Man Was Shot Outside The Opening Ceremony

A Brazilian was shot and killed just outside the exit of the Opening Ceremony Friday night, creating even more concern that the Olympics may not be as safe as Rio officials like to suggest. With the long list of problems well known to everyone around the world, it’s been a tense week as athletes, officials and spectators were waiting to see if the worst would happen.

Unfortunately, this shooting, like one earlier in the week, appears to have varying stories, meaning there may not be much for people to learn if they’re hoping to stay safe. From USA Today:

“According to Rio’s Civil Police Department, a 22-year-old Brazilian named Ronaldo Marques de Souza was assaulting people in the crowd as the 53,000 attendees were being let out of the stadium. An officer from an unidentified agency who was assisting with Olympic security responded and shot the man.”

But photographers with the AP said they heard several shots, and then saw a gunman flee from the scene and get into a car and drive away. Whatever the case, the end result was a body in the street just about when fans were pouring out of the Maracana stadium following the Opening Ceremony.

It’s obviously much worse than a broken shower or unfinished subway line, but hopefully these sorts of stories are few and far between during the next few weeks.

(via USA Today)

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