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Noted piece of ass Jenn Sterger is getting rid of her breast implants. The Florida State alum and former SI writer is looking for some way to get everyone’s attention again. Mission accomplished.

In an effort to reinvent myself, in a cut throat industry that was becoming more and more competitive the deeper I swam, I made the decision to go against the grain and remove my implants.

For reasons I explain in the upcoming December 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, it was a difficult, yet necessary decision.[..]

I made an adult choice to get rid of the very things that were perhaps the only reason I started out on this journey. I then decided to bare that decision, along with my confusion and my soul for the public to bare witness. –Officially…Jenn, via So Yoked.

I don’t know if that “bare witness” was masturbatory innuendo or just a misspelling, so I just left it. Sterger, who recently has been pursuing work in independent movies, doesn’t mention in her blog post which “industry” has been giving her grief–sports journalism or film. But either way, there’s only so much ground one can cover by shaking your tits in everyone’s face. But it’s been an impressive run for someone that managed to parlay 10 seconds of airtime into a career. And even though her two breast friends will be out of the fold, I doubt this is the last we’ve heard from Sterger. And seriously, I’ll pay money for those implants. I really don’t get out much anymore.

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