Rob Dyrdek Wants People To Rob Him

On Saturday, trainer Kathy Ritvo and jockey Gary Stevens celebrated the biggest wins of their horse racing careers, as Mucho Macho Man won the Breeders’ Cup Classic by the most incredible of tiny margins in an instant classic photo finish. The only way it could have been any more remarkable would have been if Mucho Macho Man won because of his comically large front teeth while every person in the grandstands at Santa Anita Park shouted, “DON?!?!?!” in unison.

But who cares that Ritvo, who had a heart transplant only five years ago, became the first female trainer to ever win the Breeders’ Cup or that Stevens snapped his 0-for-14 career slump at the Classic? This is about the rich getting richer, and it starts and ends with professional skateboarder and MTV reality star Rob Dyrdek, who posted one hell of a victory photo and reminder to us poor a-holes just how poor we are to his Instagram after the race.


UPDATE: While I’m not trying to be all anti-Dyrdek – I’ve enjoyed his work on MTV and Beefy is one of my all-time favorite celebrity dogs, I neglected to mention that he did autograph the money in the banner image and give it out to fans. Thanks to Frankie for the heads up.

Between Dyrdek and Floyd Mayweather Jr. – and I’m sure there are dozens of braggadocious celebrities out there that I’ve managed to subconsciously ignore – how long will it be before we hear about one of these famous, boastful gamblers being attacked and robbed? I mean, these guys are giving any ambitious thieves all the information they need to know, from “Here’s where I am” to “This is how much cash I will be leaving this venue with,” and Dyrdek even managed to tell us all what kind of Rolex he was rocking.

I’m not saying I condone any such attacks on these mean, but if it ever happens, I’m at least going to be like, “Hey, what did I tell you?”