Griffining Is Still A Thing, Now How About We Try Morrising?

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When will Alfred Morris have his own sandwich likeness?

On one hand, the Washington Redskins have two losses because they’ve given up 123 points through four games, which is second worst in the NFC to 0-4 New Orleans’ 130 points. But on the other, more positive and relevant hand, the Redskins have scored 123 points, which is second best in the NFC to 4-0 Atlanta’s 124 points. Washington has two rookies to thank for that offensive success, and the one who gets all of the attention is Robert Griffin III, because he’s awesome and was drafted second overall for being awesome.

Of course, as we’ve previously discussed, RG3 was prematurely granted meme status after Washington’s Week 1 win over the Saints with “Griffining”, which is the act of sitting on one’s behind with both arms in the air. Two losses in row, though, sort of put the kibosh on that trend, as people realized that all the posing in the world can’t stop a defense from giving up 150 yards to Danny Amendola. But Griffining returned briefly on Sunday, as RG3 struck his famous pose… because a fan asked him to.

I write this brief recap of something that happened in a tunnel after a game two days ago when an attractive girl asked a pro athlete to do something and he did not to support those who wish QB memes like Griffining and Tebowing would go away. I mean, I do want them to go away, but I know they won’t. Instead, I write this to sing the praises of Alfred Morris, who also deserves a little credit for the Redskins’ .500 record.

The owner of a 1991 Mazda 626, Morris is currently tied with RG3 for the lead in rushing touchdowns in the NFC this season at 4, and he’s ranked 5th in the NFL in rushing yards. How about a little credit for the fella from FAU? Look, he even made an easy-to-replicate motion as well:

Make this happen, Redskins fans.

(H/T to the Burgundy Blog)

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