RGIII Suffered A Concussion After Being Abused By The Lions

UPDATE: Following the game, head coach Jay Gruden told the media RGIII has a concussion:

UPDATE 2: On Friday, word leaked that RGIII’s concussion is apparently mild and won’t result in much missed time:


It’s going to be a big year for Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. Once touted as the potential savior of the franchise, RGIII is probably one more year away from losing his job unless he’s able to have a spectacular 2015 season.

Naturally, one of the things that needs to happen is Griffin has to have some time to throw. He’s never been sacked fewer than 30 times in a season, so it’s hard to get a read on how good the former Heisman Trophy winner is because of how little time he always has to throw.

Unfortunately, that’s been the case so far tonight, as Griffin hasn’t been protected by his line very well against the aggressive front seven of the Detroit Lions. The line is without Pro Bowl tackle Trent Williams, but still, it’s been especially bad this evening, as Griffin has been hit so many times that he’s been taken out of the game. Griffin is being evaluated for a head injury (and a stinger), and his return is questionable.

Here are the hits that Griffin has suffered tonight:

It goes without saying, but there’s no way that Griffin is going to have a big 2015 if his protection is anything like this. He was replaced in the game by Colt McCoy, and the Redskins currently trail the Lions, 10-0.