Putin Still Has The Pats Super Bowl Ring He Stole, And Robert Kraft Has A Plan To Get It Back

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has three of his four original Super Bowl rings. He’s missing the ring from the Patriots’ 2004 Super Bow victory that was stolen by Russian president Vladimir Putin after Kraft allowed Putin to wear it on a visit in 2005 and never got it back.

On Fox News Sunday, Kraft explained that he has not gotten that Super Bowl ring back in more than 10 years and instead has a replacement ring. Kraft said he has a plan to get it back, but hasn’t been able to execute that plan. Sadly, his plan does not involve an elaborate heist, but instead is a plan to make Putin a custom Patriots Super Bowl ring with his name on it and Kraft will trade it for his original ring, with President Donald Trump acting as the middle man.

“I was willing to have one made with his name on it,” Kraft said. “Maybe we’ll have the new President bring it to him when he connects with him.

“That would be good. I do have an emotional attachment to that ring. Maybe if we win Sunday I could trade a new one with him and have one made up in good spirit of friendship.”

Here’s the full clip:

It’s truly an incredible story, and made even more ridiculous by the fact that Kraft is willing to try and bargain with Putin to get him a custom ring after he stole it. That’s not even mentioning that this plan hinges on the President of the United States working as the middle man for this exchange, and Kraft wants it to happen on Trump’s first summit with Putin.

In case you didn’t already have a rooting interest for the Super Bowl between the Patriots and Falcons, if the Patriots win their owner wants to get a custom ring made for Vladimir Putin in “good spirit of friendship.” Rooting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl is literally rooting for Russia. Rise up.