ROFLMNBAO: This Week’s NBA In Pictures – Musical Edition!

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02.09.12 7 Comments

It’s hard to deny that there wasn’t New York fever this week, between the Giants winning the Super Bowl on Sunday and the Knicks winning three in a row thanks to the out-of-nowhere excitement provided by guard Jeremy Lin. But football is over and now is the time that we focus on the most important thing in our lives – the NBA regular season. And thanks to Lin’s exciting play this week, there’s finally something for fans of New York basketball to be happy about. You know, if they can ignore that whole 11-15 record.
Will Lin continue to thrill and wow the New York crowds all the way to a NBA Championship? No. That’s absurd. But is there a certain delightful quirk about watching a Chinese point guard dunking all over the pathetic Washington Wizards? You bet your six demon bag there is. This is an all inclusive weekly feature, though, and we have a lot to cover with little attention span to devote. For starters, did you know that Rihanna has become quite the Los Angeles Clippers fan this season? It’s true.

(Images via Getty and the AP.)

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