Roger Goodell Would Buy That For A Dollar

01.27.11 7 years ago

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced earlier this week that he would give himself a pay cut in the event of a lockout. A BIG pay cut. Goodell has asked the league, in such an instance to trim his salary down to $1 and to withhold any bonuses he might receive.

Goodell, who makes about $10 million a year including bonuses, said in a memo to his staff Wednesday that chief negotiator Jeff Pash will do the same. Pash makes nearly $5 million a year.

“Let me emphasize that we are fully committed to doing everything possible to reach a new collective bargaining agreement without any disruption to our business,” Goodell said. “The entire senior leadership team stands with me in its commitment to resolving the CBA issues with the player’s union.

–The AP.

I believe that is a 99.9999999 percent pay cut; I was told there would be no math. I’m sure that Goodell will be keeping his health care, despite the league’s perceived intention of stripping such from the players when the current CBA expires in March. But even then, I’m sure The Rog would be fine with it. After all, he can name all of his kids.

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