Ronald Acuna Jr. Laughed Off Two Fans Running Onto The Field And Knocking Him Over In Colorado

Ronald Acuña Jr. is the favorite to win NL MVP honors this season, as he has the Braves in first place and is putting forth an incredible season with a .330 batting average, 28 home runs, 74 RBI, and 59 stolen bases.

On Monday night, Acuña and the Braves were in Colorado and a pair of fans decided to get much too close to the right fielder, running out onto the field between innings and knocking Acuña over in the process before getting hauled off by security.

The outfield angle from the stands shows the first fan seemingly running in with a phone to get a hug and a selfie from Acuña, with the second fan charging in after security began prying the first fan away from the Braves star, knocking Acuña to the ground and then getting physically picked up and hauled off like a mid-tantrum toddler.

We have no idea what the second guy could possibly have been doing, if he was a friend of the first guy, or what, but it was good that Acuña was smiling and laughing after what was a bizarre and potentially scary situation. It’s not a great display from the Coors Field security team that not one but two fans were able to get all the way to the star, but they did redeem themselves with the effort to carry the guys away — particularly the second guy who was going crazy.

For his part, Acuña bounced back quickly as he drove in three runs with a bases clearing double in the top of the 9th inning to put a cherry on top of a 14-4 win for the Braves, padding his robust stat line and continuing to make his MVP case.

Acuña’s resume this season is fairly unimpeachable, but he certainly added some style points on Monday night as he continues raking at the plate, finishing this game with four hits, one walk, one home run, five RBI, and two idiots shaken off.