The Best Reactions To Ronda Rousey’s 34-Second Destruction Of Bethe Correia

After all of the talk leading up to UFC 190, Ronda Rousey left little doubt about what we all knew already: She is the best female fighter on earth and is not to be messed with. The bantamweight champ took out challenger Bethe Correia in 34 seconds, which was amazingly more than twice as long as her previous two victories required.

Rousey said she was going to embarrass Correia in her home country of Brazil. She clearly did just that, and Twitter reacted in kind to Rowdy’s dominance. Here are some of the best tweets from athletes and celebrities showing their appreciation in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Then the challengers got a bit mouthy, which is probably ill advised…

And here’s Darren Rovell being a bit of a spoil sport…

And even inanimate objects, like trading cards, are blown away: