Now Ronda Rousey’s Getting Beat Up And Shot On ‘Blindspot’

05.03.17 12 months ago

After multiple teases for her role on NBC’s Blindspot, we finally get to see Ronda Rousey escaping from jail and getting in (more) fights with the pursuing officers. As expected, there are judo throws and some surprising kicks from the former UFC champ, but what was unexpected was Ronda Rousey getting a slug in her friggin shoulder!

Yes, that’s Ronda, near the end of her battle with Jaime Alexander, which proves that the only thing that can stop Ronda in her tracks is a bullet or flat footwork and a lack of head movement.

It’s okay though, Ronda is safe for now.

Even with the zoomed-in shaky cam that can be translated to: The actors aren’t really doing much in this action sequence — it’s still good fun! Imagine if Ronda pulled off that sweep then hooked the heel only for the show to go directly to the credits?

And what we did see of Ronda shows that she still may have a future as an action star. We know that the Road House reboot is still on the table, even though it’s been shelved, but tables can be shelves (???) and Ronda still has the goods and frankly, I want to see her tear out the throat of some rowdy dude in the nearish future.

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