Ronda Rousey Likes Swiping Women On Tinder

Ronda Rousey in Hong Kong
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You’d think being one of the biggest stars in MMA and a rising star in Hollywood would result in a no-effort A-list boyfriend. After all, Gina Carano is like half as famous and managed to snag Henry Cavill, also known as freakin’ Superman. Alas, Ronda is still single. And her fame actually tends to get in the way of even the casualest of dating opportunities. Via Sports Illustrated:

Rousey neither wants nor asks for your sympathy. But she does lodge one slight gripe. Her fame is such that she can’t go on Tinder. She tried an alter ego—Brynn Campbell—but that didn’t work. Her friends, male and female, have only to download the dating app, swipe a few times and … action, or at least the potential for it. Rousey, 28, is left on the sideline, at home with Mochi. “S—,” she says, “the only person I’m making out with is my dog.”

And people thought making out with Dana White was gross. She expounded on those thoughts during a video interview with SI Now:

“We made like a fake account or something, a couple friends of mine were like “Come on Ronda, we’ll play the hot or not game! And then I actually liked saying yes or no to chicks [more] than I liked playing with my thing. So I never even tried using it, really. We just made it. But things have been so crazy lately that even if I do get asked out and I want to say yes, just immediately I’m thinking ‘How am I going to schedule another person in my life!?! I have one free day this month! It’s just yeah … it’s become an interesting problem to have.”

I feel you, Ronda. I’m also way too successful and busy to find a girlfriend. Yeah, that’s the reason.

(via Sports Illustrated)