The Sports World Mourned The Tragic Death Of Roy Halladay

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Roy Halladay died in a plane crash on Tuesday and many in the sports world were devastated. The ace pitcher played for the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies and will forever be known as a player who longed for a trip to the postseason, only to throw a no-hitter in his first playoff appearance in 2010.

Halladay was a living legend in baseball, a player who knew when it was time to walk away from the game while still leaving an enormous impact on players and fans. His life post-retirement was equally fruitful for the former Cy Young winner. He flew planes, was active on social media, and was a family man.

The death of the former pitcher sent shockwaves through the sports world on Tuesday, starting with the teams that called him an All-Star.

The Baseball Hall of Fame got in its condolences as well.

Unsurprisingly, a number of Halladay’s former teammates took the loss especially hard.

Former Phillies second baseman shared a heartbreaking but incredible story about Halladay’s legendary work ethic.

Lots of current MLB pitchers shared their condolences about the 40-year-old pitcher.

His former manager on the Phillies, Charlie Manuel, seemed particularly devastated.

Former players that often dueled against him like Pedro Martinez seemed equally saddened by the loss.

Many in the NBA community were also crushed by Halladay’s untimely death as well.

Halladay’s dominance on the bump and revered professionalism on and off the field had a greater impact on the sports world than maybe even he realized. And now, tragically, he’s gone.