Russell Wilson Showed His Appreciation For The Insane Seahawks-Themed Videos Of @CableThanos_

12.13.18 6 months ago

A notable thing about the internet is it’s made the world much smaller, making it so people who would otherwise never talk to one another interact. This is a bad thing, uh, a lot of the time, but every now and then, something happens that reminds you that the original purpose of the internet was much different than the literal manifestation of hell that it has often become.

For example, Cable Thanos is a delightful person on Twitter who likes to make completely ludicrous videos related to his favorite NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks. Behold a collection of the videos you can expect on the timeline of @CableThanos_ (whose real name is Josh, but I will continue to refer to them as Cable Thanos because that is way more fun).

Not everything is a big production, though, as sometimes, Luke Kuechly gets made fun of for not being Bobby Wagner.

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