These Daredevils Performing Tricks Atop A 40-Story Building Will Give You A Panic Attack

In this insane video coming to us from Russia (naturally), two crazy people perform tricks without a harness or protection of any kind from the top of a dang 40-story building. The duo, “OlegCricket” and Ilya Bagaev, perform death-defying acts such as running along the edge of the building, jumping across narrow blocks where one misstep would send them flying down to their deaths, somersaulting along the edge, and dangling from the top with nothing but the grip of their friend preventing their doom.

russians2 (1)


The two are not new to these kinds of tricks, as they have performed similar stunts like this that they’ve uploaded to YouTube. Here’s OlegCricket performing parkour along the side of a building high up in the sky.

And here he is doing a backflip on a narrow ledge on the Princess Tower in Dubai, more than 1,400 feet up.

As someone who is afraid of heights, I nearly passed out just from watching these videos. I understand that if you’re an adrenaline junkie like these two, you’ve got to get your kicks somehow, but there has to be another way that significantly decreases your chances of plummeting to your death at any given moment.

(Via Business Insider)