Ryan Babel Is Going To Twitter Jail

On Sunday, Manchester United defeated Liverpool 1-0 in the third round of the FA Cup, and I assume that may have meant something to people who follow soccer. But the big news after Liverpool’s loss was the Football Association’s punishment of left winger Ryan Babel, who took to his Twitter to make some complaints about referee Howard Webb. Babel used some impressive Photoshop skills to post a photo of Webb wearing a Man U shirt, which drew the ire of league officials. What, no Lobster Dog? Amateur.

For his Twitter humour, the FA has charged Babel with improper conduct, mainly because he commented: “And they call him one of the best referees? That’s a joke. SMH [shaking my head].” Babel eventually removed the Tweet in question and apologized for the comment, but it’s too late, buddy. And as he recently posted on his Twitter account, he’s off to Twitter jail. IDW [I’m dismissively wanking].

Meanwhile, the Professional Footballer’s Association’s chief executive, Gordon Taylor, has Babel’s back…

“Where’s our sense of humour gone in our game?” Taylor said. “He’s apologised, let’s move on. “I would think that Howard Webb is a big enough man, a big enough person and good enough referee to take it.

“To my mind, and to most footballers’ minds, it is the same sort of stuff that flies about every weekend via mobile phones, but they are obviously taking a stance on it. I thought a warning would have been sufficient.” (Via The Guardian)

I couldn’t find an ample description of what Babel’s punishment actually is, but I had a completely different point in mind when this story caught my eye. I think Twitter is an incredibly stupid medium. After all, anything that allows Ashton Kutcher and the Kardashians to remain celebrities despite offering us nothing of value is a gift from the devil. But I use it and I shamelessly try to promote myself through it, so I’m a hypocrite, and I’m fine with that.

With that said, though, it’s about time that pro sports leagues and teams sh*t or get off the pot with Twitter. Athletes are going to say stupid crap whether we like it or not. Steve Johnson blamed God via Twitter for his dropped pass and then he may or may not have sent a photo of his penis to a fan. Chad Ochocinco was fined for in-game Tweets this season, and he recently bragged about the joy of finding $1,200 in a pair of jeans and then he gave that money away to a fan. Hell, Terrell Owens was Ryan Babel before Ryan Babel was Ryan Babel. I guess my sloppy, Fiesta Bowl hangover point is – let the boys be boys and stop fining them over something that entertains us.

Also, Babel is a rapper. And the 5 greatest rappers of all-time are Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan and Ryan. Watch him spit hot fire…

Also also, here’s a completely unrelated photo of Liverpool fans: