Ryan Lochte May Have Finally Figured Out How Years Work

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10.23.16 3 Comments

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Today is October 23. In the Lochte household, this means that today is the day when the birth of Carter is celebrate. Carter is the dog of Olympic swimmer and well-documented truth stretcher Ryan Lochte. Like all dogs, Carter is a good dog. Proof:

Good dog.

We learned that it is Carter’s birthday because Ryan posted this picture onto his Twitter:

Again, Carter seems like a good dog. He deserves to have one heck of a birthday where his belly is rubbed and he gets to eat steak for dinner and his owner is aware of how old he is.

That last thing could end up being an issue. You see, before Lochte sent out that tweet, he sent out a tweet saying that Carter was eight. This could be a mistake, sure, but as one Twitter user pointed out, Lochte apparently believes that his dog has been eight years old for three years.

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