Pirates Pitcher Ryan Vogelsong Took A Fastball Right To The Face

During some day game action between the Colorado Rockies and the Pittsburgh Pirates, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong was at bat with the bases loaded when a rogue fastball from Jordan Lyles caught him directly in the face. Lyles had the opposing pitcher at an 0-2 count, so there’s no way this was intentional, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. The mistake pushed in a run and knocked Vogelsong from the game.

Vogelsong didn’t see it coming at all, and by the looks of it, he was hit flush in the eye. He remained down on the field for more than a minute, and training staff provided him a towel to cover up what seemed to be a considerable amount of blood, before he was carted away. No word on how severe the injury will wind up to be, but at the very least he was conscious, and able to stand before he was removed from play. Wilfredo Boscan came out to relieve him in the following half-inning.