Which Is The Saddest NFL Fanbase Of Them All? Let’s Rank All 32 And Find Out!

08.31.16 3 years ago 16 Comments

Most fans like to argue about the best. Who’s the best team? Who’s the best player? What’s the best fanbase? The best dominates sports discussion on a daily basis from barstools to television shows. But there are other ways that sports fans argue about who is the best. These discussions happen in dimly light rooms, our of earshot from strangers. Discussions about who is the best at having it the worst. Hey, if you can’t win the optimism battle, might as well win the pessimism battle, right?

So, let’s figure out what NFL fanbase does indeed have it the worst. In an attempt to rank them appropriately, I judged each team on two factors: Historical success, and current level of success. Basically, how happy can the fanbase currently be, and how happy the fanbase has been over the course of their history. Both factors will be ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most sad.

We’ll start at the happiest and drop down into depression the further we go to find out which fanbase truly has it the worst.

32. The Pittsburgh Steelers
Historical Sadness: 1
Current Sadness: 1

I was genuinely torn on whether to put the Steelers or Patriots first. But ultimately, I decided to place the Steelers in first place, because while they may not reach quite the level of success the Patriots have had in the past 16 years, they’ve been close (two Super Bowl wins and one appearance) and they have had a much, much stronger historical level of success than the Patriots. The Steelers have great ownership, the best wideout in the NFL, a great QB, the coolest coach in the league, and a city full of diehards who would vote Franco Harris for president if they could. If a Steelers fan ever tries to argue with you about having it worse, punch them.

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