Enjoy MMA Whipping Boy Sage Northcutt’s Apple-Demolishing Feats Of Strength

11.29.16 1 year ago

I want to see who can Rip some Apples! #SuperSage

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Sage Northcutt is:

1. An MMA fighter
2. An impossibly adorable trash talker
3. The personification of a Golden Retriever puppy
4. Really, really strong

The deceptively non-threatening, front-flipping, white-meat babyface of the UFC took time out of his busy tank top shopping schedule to add even further proof that his muscles aren’t just for show.

With the caption “I want to see who can Rip some Apples!” Northcutt demonstrates exactly that, tearing the apple in two and then looking incredibly proud of himself. Using the hashtag #SuperSage, his fans took the challenge laid down by the blonde wunderkind:

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