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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It sat in three different places last night and acted like it was a big deal…

  • Mike Tunison’s book, The Football Fan’s Manifesto, will be released August 18th. It should do much better than my last pamphlet, The Masturbator’s Manifesto.
  • New Cleveland coach Eric Mangini wants to bring those brown pants back to the Browns. Fine. As long as they keep the logos off the helmets.

    Waiting For Next Year.

  • Here’s the new soundtrack for Madden 10. It sucks.

    Awful Announcing.

  • Best names of sports memorabilia in film.


  • The NBA Draft Bust list for which you’ve been pining all summer.

    The Hoop Doctors.

  • It’s not everyday that we’d say something was too gross for WL; you’re watching this at your own peril.

    Nothing Toxic.

  • Greatest. Mother. Ever. At least it wasn’t a mirror.


  • Jessica-Jane Clement does her work while draped over a couch. Hey, so do I!

    On 205th.

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