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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  It wants a heated toilet seat for Christmas.

  • Big League Stew has all the news from MLB’s winter meetings in Vegas.  Duk even has a Twitter feed to report all the big breaking news.  News like “Going to take a walk around the lobby to see the sights.”
  • TV Tan Line made a sweet-ass mosaic out of a gazillion individual College Gameday screen shots.  Makes me wonder what it’s like to actually be creative and try.
  • Ball Don’t Lie goes one-on-one with Chris Webber.  I’ll say it right now: Webber and Gary Payton are better than Kenny Smith and Barkley.
  • Mouthpiece Sports freaks out about Derrick Rose’s weird apple-peeling-in-bed stabbing injury.  Pictured here: Bianca Gascoigne.  I’d stab her apples in bed.  Whatever that means.

  • TrueHoop sifts through a 600,000-word New Yorker article to dig up some interesting tidbits about the Sebastian Telfair-Fabolous shooting two years ago.

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