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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It’s the closest we come to paying it forward.  It’s that or taxes.

  • Evan Rachel Wood looks so good in this month’s GQ that I could totally look past the whole Marilyn Manson thing. |FilmDrunk|
  • An argument in the Dodger Stadium parking lot leads to a man getting stabbed.  The Big Lead is pretty sure Mexicans are responsible. |NBC LA|
  • The BA-K-47 is a full-size replica of an AK-47 made of bacon.  Be careful: its bullets get lodged in your heart. |tifr via Geekologie|
  • A high school kid pitched three straight no-hitters.  Kenny Powers is gonna end his world. |Sports Rubbish|
  • In Part III of The Amateur’s look at mixed martials arts, Spencer Hall attends an MMA fight and sees lots of scary men.  And maybe gets a little turned on. |The Sporting Blog|
  • Huzzah!  The 2009 NFL schedule!  Well, just the primetime games. |Awful Announcing|  Oh, fine.  And the full interactive schedule. ||

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