Sam Bradford Suffered A Disgusting-Looking Hand Injury

Sam Bradford got hurt again. This time, on the Vikings, his new team that he joined just weeks ago. According to these pictures, it looks like he hit his hand on a helmet, and now it’s either melting, or he’s developed greyscale from Game of Thrones.

This nasty injury sent Bradford to the locker room, where he’d get X-rays. Then, minutes later, he came back triumphantly, but we still don’t know if that hand is broken or not. It looks pretty damn bad.

When Bradford returned to the sideline, he was clearly favoring his hand by flexing and stretching it out so the greyscale wouldn’t hold. But like Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones, he got back to work despite the debilitating … thing … that’s going on with his hand.

Of course, this has led to plenty of internet jokes.

Poor Sam Bradford. He’s out there against 11 gigantic dudes who want to utterly destroy him, he’s playing through the pain and people still can’t give him a break. The best/worst part? He’s thoroughly outplaying Aaron Rodgers on Sunday Night Football, and the Vikings are beating the Packers.

At least until the greyscale takes hold for good.