The Internet Is Calling Out FOX For Photoshopping Sam Bradford Onto Teddy Bridgewater’s Body

Astute viewers of FOX Sports’ NFL coverage have pointed out an odd irregularity that they won’t soon live down. In a preview for next week’s game, in which Sam Bradford visits his former team the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s clear that FOX Photoshopped Sam Bradford’s head onto injured Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater’s body.


Whoever made the decision to change Bridgewater’s skin color and have Bradford’s head ‘Shopped onto his body clearly isn’t a fan of efficient workflows. There are plenty of Sam Bradford images floating around for even a relatively small network like FOX to acquire. Getty offers a subscription service that’s not the most expansive, but will surely get the job done. USA Today Sports also has a wide variety of Sam Bradford images for outlets to use. Why FOX would continue to use an image where Sam Bradford’s big head is throwing a pass with gloves is beyond any normal person’s comprehension.

And so, the Internet called them out.

And it turns out that FOX has been using this image since the beginning of the season. They’ve had ample time to fix this Frankenstein image, but haven’t for whatever reason.

But, when you think about it, Gloved Sam Bradford has been playing some of the best football of his career…