People Are Pretty Upset With This San Diego State Student's Sexy Campaign Ad

San Diego State student Luke Dzierzanowski recently ran for a Student Government seat for the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, and he lost. While that is hardly news, as random dudes and girls lose campus elections across this great nation, he has caused a minor stir on the interwebs with his very unique campaign video. More specifically, people either think he’s the smartest bro in the history of bros for this incredible ad, or they think he’s a misogynistic prick who needs to learn how to smoke a cigar.

Either way, people are talking about Luke Dzierzanowski, despite the fact that they probably can’t pronounce his name. Let’s go ahead and take a look at his campaign ad, shall we?

According to U-T San Diego, Luke’s ad caused a campus sh*t storm, invoking the wrath of the student newspaper, as he was accused of using this “degrading, attention-grabbing gimmick” to sully the otherwise fine name of campus politicians (insert 12-hour dismissive wank here). “Do we really want this candidate to represent SDSU,” asked the opinion writer with from his throne of morality. “Do we want the public to think we chose someone who would sexually objectify these girls?” We can only pray that those girls were able to free themselves from the invisible shackles in this video and run far, far away from the harmless, tongue-in-cheek fun they agreed to have with their friend.

To his credit, Luke claimed that the reason he chose this seemingly sexist campaign video was because only 18% of the student body voted last year, and he wanted to help stir up some additional support so his fellow students have a louder voice in the hot button issues like whatever it is that the SGA at SDSU pretends to care about. Ironically, less than 10% of the student body voted this time. Oh well, you can’t blame a bro for trying.

Luke is pretty lucky that he wasn’t elected, because the first scandal that he’d have to deal with, not including the outrage over this video, would be the accusations of the woman who posted this YouTube comment.

This guy is basically a beer commercial that came to life.