This Horrifying Cycling Pile-Up Resulted After A Motorcycle Stalled On The Course

If you’ve ever watched a bicycle race in your life, you’ve no doubt seen those motorcycles that lead the pack of bikes along the routes. And, chances are, the thought has at least crossed your mind, albeit however brief, of what might happen if a bike and motorcycle ever collided.

Well, it happened, and the results are predictably eye-opening.

The crash occurred when a motorcycle stalled during the Red Hook Criterium in Brooklyn on Saturday night. Initially, a few cyclists were able to evade the motorcycle stopped right smack in the middle of the course (which was already narrow to begin with). Then things got bad with a quickness. Gothamist reports that at least seven people were injured in the crash.

Here it is from a first-person POV:

Here’s hoping everyone involved in the accident will be okay. It looks awful, and as anyone who rides road bikes will tell you, there’s little room for error when you’re going as fast as these people are going. In fact, this race has a history of nasty crashes, as Gothamist uncovered. This one is from 2013: