Johnny Manziel Is Now Linked To The Saints After Dining With Sean Payton

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Here’s a hot piece of news involving two people that haven’t been to the NFL postseason the past three years.

We know what you’re going to say in the comments. “Slow news day?” Yes, it is. We accept that but please understand why a story about New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton eating breakfast with Johnny Manziel during Super Bowl week is so great.

It involves:
1. The NFL, this nation’s most popular sport
2. Breakfast, this nation’s most popular meal
3. Payton, a guy who was on the HBO show about the sports and the agents and whatever
4. Manziel, who … OK he sucks.

Manziel hasn’t played an NFL game since December 2015 and has had his fair share of problems (including legal) since the Cleveland Browns let him go. Even if Manziel comes back, he’s facing a four-game suspension. Despite all this, Manziel is allegedly receiving interest from teams, and perhaps bacon and eggs with Payton indicates it’s true.

Then again, maybe Payton was just encouraging Manziel. Or discouraging him. Who knows? Drew Brees is coming off a 5,000-yard, 37-touchdown season, so it’s not as though the Saints are in the market for a troubled quarterback that may never have been good in the first place.

Or maybe the restaurant was packed and these were the only two seats open. Maybe Payton thought he was talking to a random fan and didn’t even recognize Manziel. Or maybe they were like an old married couple and sat in silence while eating and the comeback they were discussing was the Lisa Kudrow show. This is a story about breakfast, so feel free to create your own dialogue between Payton and Manziel.