Seahawks Fans Went Nuts At ‘The Book Of Mormon’ When They Learned Blair Walsh Missed

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Any Vikings fans in the house? If so, you may want to give the above headline another read before putting your poor shattered hearts through this again. Y’know, provided you aren’t still on a blind drunk sorrow binge.

A Sunday matinee performance of The Book of Mormon in Seattle served as the site of a rapturous ovation before the musical even began. Why? News of Blair Walsh’s cringeworthy miss on a 27-yard field goal attempt sparked cheers, chants, and general jubilation from the Seahawks fans in attendance. If you like endearingly clumsy attempts at getting “SEA-HAWKS” chants going in the Paramount Theater, the video above should tick the necessary boxes. Sadly, the clip cuts off before a wealthy dowager can faint opera-glasses-first into a priceless vase, so that’s still something to look for the next time this sort of thing happens.

Walsh’s shankery puts the Seahawks in the daunting position of challenging the 15-1 Carolina Panthers next in their quest for another Super Bowl appearance. Don’t hold your breath for a replay of this Mormon response, mind you. The Tony-winning musical has packed up and left Seattle with Bullets Over Broadway set to take over the theater during Super Bowl week. Feel free to use this information to twist your superstitious outlook however you see fit.

(Via Seahawks)

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