Police Are Investigating A Cowboys Security Guard For Choking A Panthers Fan

Police in Arlington, Texas are reportedly looking into an incident between a security guard and a fan that occurred in AT&T Stadium during the Thanksgiving contest between Dallas and the Carolina Panthers, according to TMZ.

The video, recorded by other fans in the same section, shows a Panthers fan being restrained by security guards as he was being escorted out, while one guard put the fan in a headlock and took him to the ground while other onlookers tried to loosen his grip. The fan appeared to be passed out at one point before coming to and exchanging words with the guards as he was being brought out of the section of the stadium.

There’s not enough context to know exactly what was going on from the videos that have been released, but for his part, the fan, named John Small, has filed a police report, via TMZ.

The fan — John Small — filed a police report on Monday morning and now we’re told cops are actively investigating the situation as a possible Class A misdemeanor assault.

Small insists he did NOTHING WRONG and is asking other fans to come forward with video if they have it.

A YouTube video of the incident describes Small as being removed for “holding up a sign,” but the TMZ report indicates that security was called because Small was being “disruptive.”

(Via TMZ)