Serena Williams Is America’s True Fashion Icon

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Serena Williams was out and about in West Hollywood the other night, and there’s really nothing else to report. I mean, I sure wish that something awesome happened like she single-handedly kicked the crap out of a group of terrorists who were hellbent on destroying Lindsay Lohan’s cocaine supply. Allegedly. Did I do that right?
Regardless, I was going through my arsenal of random sports photos and I realized a theme that I know other people have talked about, but since I’m a dude I’ve always drowned it out, usually with the Golden Girls theme song. Williams is quite the fashionista when she’s not on the tennis court, and even when she is playing she tends to be a bit more unique and daring. But I thought we’d spend today’s slow news day – screw you, Game 2 – exploring Serena’s status as an American – nay, global! – fashion icon.

(Images via Zimbio)

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