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So I keep having this dream where I’m in one of those big shower rooms with all these college girls. And I walk over to one to stick a finger in her ass, but then I notice that my hands have been replaced by alligator heads. And they start chomping on the girl’s ass and she screams, and blood just goes squirting everywhere. The rest of the girls run out, and then Mr. T runs in and shoots me with a Ghostbusters proton pack. So I know exactly how Gina Carano feels when she says she doesn’t want to be the face of women’s mixed martial arts:

“I am a recognized female in the sport, but I don’t think that I am the face of women’s MMA,” Carano said. “It’s just a label. I’m Gina Carano. You can label me that.”

Carano said that she has been amazed at the attention she’s been given.

“It’s been unbelievable to be at the forefront of women’s MMA,” Carano admitted. “Raising the recognition of the sport has been a blessing. The fan support has been amazing. I’m standing up here because of the fans.” […]

“I’m a fighter,” Carano said. “My job is to fight.”

I don’t know if I can get turned on by watching Carano beat the snot out of another woman, but I’m willing to learn. This must be how Brady Quinn feels while watching football practice.

[MMA Junkie] via that one sports blog

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