Shannon Sharpe Enjoyed A Victory ‘Cigar’ On TV And The Internet Lost It

Shannon Sharpe is a 3-time Super Bowl champion and longtime Denver Bronco who enjoyed what he saw out of his former team on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

He’s also a respected commentator on Fox Sports these days, and on Monday he brought his unabashed team pride with him on the air to hilarious effect. Sharpe brought some Black and Mild cigars on the set to help him razz his coworkers about their favorite football teams losing in Week 4.

Fox Sports videos on YouTube jump right into the debate and miss all the fun stuff, but luckily plenty of internet denizens captured video of the show’s opening.

“If your team won you can enjoy it with a victory cigar,” Sharpe said, plopping a Black and Mild in his mouth and casually adjusting his jacket.

Unexpected laughter can be heard off camera as Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor try to come to terms with what’s happening in front of them.

“You’re calling Black and Milds cigars now?” Taylor asked sarcastically.

“I’m on the Mild!” Sharpe enthusiastically answered. Taylor picked one up to give it a closer look and determined that they were not the name-brand Black and Milds.

“These are very off brand,” Taylor continued, but Sharpe cut her off.

“First of all if your team did not score points yesterday please do not touch the victory cigars,” Sharpe said.

Bayless, who Sharpe is poking fun at here because the Dallas Cowboys lost on Sunday, was also not impressed by his choice of cigar.

“Did you get those at Rite Aid?” he asked.

Sharpe demanded that the two let him celebrate.

“I be on these Milds and Hendog and now y’all got problems with me?” Sharpe asked.

Bayless seemed utterly confused. Taylor seemed to know the score but wanted to move on. And Sharpe, well, Shannon looked like he was enjoying the hell out of the moment. Attention soon turned to the 2-2 New England Patriots. But when he was taken to task about it on Twitter after the show, Sharpe seemed just as joyous as he was on air.

Seriously, Skip, stop hating on “Milds and Hendog.” It’s victory Monday, baby.

As someone writing this while chewing on a candy cigarette I can appreciate his need for skinny victory props. Sharpe is having fun here, and it made for surprisingly great television. Folks online sure loved it, too.

Nothing but respect for MY president.